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For 20 years, Distinctive Career Services, LLC has been providing award-winning professional resume writing and career marketing services to job seekers around the world. But a superior resume alone is not enough. A fast, effective, successful job search also requires focus, a solid plan of action, and high-impact strategies and techniques. Working with some of the industry's top experts and career coaches, our job search and career coaching services equip you with the knowledge, insight, tools, strategy, and action steps that will help you land the job you want.

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Providing practical, actionable individual career and job search coaching for...

  • Clients at all levels, entry to senior executives
  • Corporate, non-profit, and government work settings
  • All industries and professions

Online assessments and intake questionnaires

Coaching sessions completed via phone or web conferencing

Convenient availability for coaching sessions

Job Search Process &
Problem-Solving Coaching

Are you struggling with any part of the job search process: networking, techniques, phone interviews, salary negotiation, online job searching, LinkedIn use, or anything else to comes up during a search? Do you worry that your search is taking longer than you anticipated and don't know why? Do you need constructive and objective feedback on your job search plan? Would you benefit from some help refining your interviewing or professional networking skills?  If any of these situations define you, you are an ideal candidate for our job search process coaching services.

Laser Coaching

Do you worry that your job search is taking too long? Are you unsure about what to do next? Are you struggling with how to deal with a difficult interview question? Do you need help with the actual mechanics or strategy of a job search? If you are struggling with ANY aspect of your job search...

  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Goal setting
  • Job search strategy planning
  • Salary negotiations
  • Online job searching
  • "How To" regarding any aspect of the job search

...our laser-focused, 30-minute job search coaching service is for you.

PROCESS: 30 minute, laser-focused coaching session

YOUR TAKEAWAYS: Get "unstuck" on any point in the job search process with our guidance and coaching.

FEE: $85

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Interview Coaching

Virtually every job seeker can benefit from interview coaching but it is especially helpful for any person who is at all nervous about any type of interview. It is also especially beneficial for job seekers who worry about how they might answer certain questions or explain parts of their professional track record.

Option #1 - 2 high-impact 60-minute coaching sessions (Good choice for people who haven't recently interviewed or who are having trouble getting past the first interview)
Option #2 - 60 minutes of focused coaching (Good choice for people who want to focus on specific topics or problem areas; also for those people having trouble turning interviews into job offers)


  • >>  Support and rehearsal for real-life interview scenarios
  • >>  Strategies for handling common and tricky interview questions
  • >>  Practical techniques for handling any interview question
  • >>  Honest, objective feedback to ensure you shine in the interview

FEE:  Option 1 - $315  |  Option 2 - $175

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Job Search Networking Essentials Coaching

Networking is THE most effective job search technique, but also the one that makes a large majority of job seekers uncomfortable. If you know you should use networking techniques in your search, but struggle to  do so for any reason, this program is for you.

PROCESS: High-impact 60-minute coaching session


  • >> Guidance on developing a networking strategy and plan
  • >> Practical instruction for how to connect with the people in your network
  • >> Personalized tips on how to approach people about your job search
  • >> Help identifying networking opportunities online and offline
  • >> A solid plan of action for following up on networking contacts

FEE: $175

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LinkedIn for Job Hunters Coaching

You know that it is essential that you are on LinkedIn, and you know that LinkedIn could be helpful for your job search if only you knew what to do! Or, maybe you have made inroads on LinkedIn, but are stuck and don't know what to do next. This program is designed for you.

PROCESS: High-impact 60-minute coaching session


>>  Practical training, guidance, and clarity on the specific areas of LinkedIn that are confusing you

>>  Personalized instruction to help you use LinkedIn features and functionalities to optimize your job search

>> Tips on how to optimize your profile so that recruiters come looking for you

>>  Answers to all your LinkedIn questions!

FEE: $175

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